Make Your Relationship Last: Never Stop Dating

Relationships are hard. PERIOD. There are no “if, ands or buts” about this statement.  One minute your partner may be a heaven you wish you could stay in forever and the next you feel like drop kicking them down a shallow stairwell.  However, although every relationship has its ups and downs it’s important to not lose sight of why you fell in love and it is each person’s job to ensure that their significant other feels loved, appreciated and happy.  One small way in accomplishing this is to never stop dating.  

5 Ways to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone & Stay There

To be young, black and awkward is a gift and a curse.  We can't all be Issa Rae, spinning our awkwardness into a creative empire. For most of us, stuck in the awkward introvert stages of our lives, we are stuck looking for ways to stay out of the spotlight, get our jobs done and carry on with our lives.  

Red Table Rewind: Let's Talk About Sex

At a young age, my parents provided a very negative perception of sex.  Therefore growing up, instead of growing into and embracing my sexuality as a woman, I equated it with fear.  Fear of pregnancy.  Fear of STDs.  Fear of stigma.  This fear stayed with me well into my 20s and parts of it are still with me today. 

Red Table Rewind: The Recap

Welcome to the very first edition of the Red Table Rewind. Here you will get a summary on all the goodness Jada gave us for the week and some challenges for self improvement. Being that we are a few weeks in, it's only right to give a recap of what you may or may not have been missing.

They Told Me It Was Easy – DOs & DONTs of Natural Hair

For everyone saying that being natural is easy, think again.   Maintaining your natural hair can cost just as much if not more than the upkeep of relaxed hair or weave.  There are numerous things to remember when caring for your natural hair. Think of it as a child that grows from your scalp.  You must feed it, nurture it and properly maintain it in order for it to grow strong and healthy.

You Live & You Learn...

Its been a long time since I put exactly how I felt on paper.  It’s been an even longer time since I’ve actually sat down with my thoughts and figured out what I want my life to look like.

For so long I’ve been living a narrative dictated by others.  I did what I was supposed to do, I bought the house, I tried to settle down and everything fell to pieces.  Yet somehow, here I am.